Boris Kramer Biography

 Richard and Boris, a father/son team, work together and separately to create works of art. These sculptures are made from low carbon or 'hot rolled' steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze. The smithing process involves heating a metal bar in a coal or gas fire (the forge) until it is red hot. The metal then becomes relatively malleable and can be hammered with different hand and machine tools into various shapes on an anvil. Although some sculptures are created according to a specific design, each piece is hand-made and varies slightly in shape, surface texture and expression. During the heating and forging process, the steel surface oxidizes and forms a thin, reddish brown to black scale, called fire scale. Some of the scale flakes off easily, but much of it is removed through a tumbling and wire brushing process. The sculpture is then inserted into the forge and heated until it forms its own unique color; once cooled, it is coated in clear lacquer. 

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