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Modern Metal Menorah


Modern Mensch was started by husband and wife design team Jordan and Jessica Diatlo. Together, the two run Leadoff Studio, an award-winning Industrial Design and Product Development agency.

While planning their wedding in 2013, Jordan and Jessica wanted a ketubah that fit the modern aesthetic of their home, but could only find more traditional looking prints. This motivated them to begin researching modern design in the Jewish world.

In 2015, Jessica was pregnant. Jordan began to think about how to raise a Jewish child in an interfaith family. He came back to the research from their wedding. While there was a lot of great design in the Jewish world, it often felt disjointed and difficult to find. Wanting to change this, Jordan and Jess created the Modern Mensch Instagram account. The account let them continue their cultural and religious education, while highlighting their true passion: great design.

Inspired by their continued research, Jordan began sketching his own judaica designs. He started with a menorah. The couple owned menorahs, but kept them stored away most of the year, only displaying them during Hanukkah. Jordan wanted to create a menorah that was modern and beautiful enough to keep out all year, with or without candles. The Nosh Menorah is designed to be more than just a ritual object, but a sculptural home decor piece that can be kept on display and spark conversation year round.