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  • Beames - Tree Mezuzzah


    Sara Beames' brand new Mezuzah design combines handmade fused glass with laser cut maple wood and are available in several colors - pink, blue, green or rainbow and designs - Hearts, Doves and the Tree of Life. They arrive in a gift box with a non-kosher scroll, an information card on the process and have a double sided tape for easy installation.

    About the Artist

    Working with my hands has always come naturally to me. At 11 years of age I was studying pottery and by the age of 17, I was a potter's apprentice. While working on my BA in Art History I was exposed to designing architectural stained glass, and since then glass has been my love and my passion. Glass intrigues me with its paradoxical quality to be smooth and seductive to the eye, yet unfriendly and sharp to the touch. Light is the element in glass that relates both to its form and function; it is light that sparks the adventure of the design.