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  • Biran - Tree of Life Mezuzzah


    The Hebrew letter "Shin" that is placed on the Mezuzah as the first letter of one of G-d's names, is formed by the leaves. In the pictures you will find two designs. One Mezuzah with olive tree leaves and the other with pomegranate leafs. With two nails the Mezuzah is fixed to the doorpost. Coated with a clear protective layer to prevent oxidation. 

    Copper, Patinated copper, plastic seal 

    Dimensions:  Small:  8" x 2" x 0.5" Large:  6" x 2" x 0.5")

    About the Artist

      "...A prolific artist. Biran has produced a large array of flawlessly finished creations that demonstrate his humorous approach. Using a broad variety of materials, he manages to meld form and color into perfectly integrated creations."
    Israel Museum, upon winning the Jesselson Prize For Contemporary Judaica Design, 1999