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Bogdanow - Generation to Generation


"Generation to Generation" was inspired by Psalm 145, which directs us to praise God's deeds from "Generation to Generation." Opening and closing words of the Torah are painted in Hebrew across the sky (Genesis 1, Bereshit and Deuteronomy 34, V'zot Haberacha), and English words of the Psalm are included below the Torah. The original painting has been beautifully reproduced on archival-quality, acid-free watercolor paper, and is available in four sizes (approximately 8x14, 12x20, 14x24 and 17x30), with the total of each size limited to 180 signed, numbered reproductions, each accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity also signed by the artist.

About the artist

While many of his works capture the timeless nature of biblical texts, Michael Bogdanow's art cuts across cultural barriers through his vibrant, contemporary style and universal themes