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Halter - New Seven Species Ketubah


The New Seven Species Ketubah shows wheat, barley, figs, olives, palm, pomegranates and vines in rectangular sections surrounding the text. The colors create a sense of depth and richness, serenity and joy. It is like a view from a home out into nature through the medium of stained glass. The tessellation beneath the text is formed from two interlocking shapes, each different, to make a whole, symbolic of the partnership of man and woman. The supplementary texts (tosafot) are from The Song of Songs, Proverbs and the medieval Spanish poet, Yehuda HaLevi.

Dimensions: 27 x 22"

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About the Artist

Ardyn Halter's Judaica style is unmistakable with its strenth of  of design coupled with joyous, life-affirming color. Steeped in Jewish visual tradition, these works of art also affirm Jewish ethics and values. His fine art work is in museum collections in Israel and around the world. In recent years, he was commissioned to make two monumental stained glass windows to commemorate the Rwandan genocide.