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Kelemen - Cool Tone Woven Mezuzzah


This mezuzah is crafted with a silver pewter metal casing, and decorated with fused glass,dichroic glass, and colored glass, with a distinctive texture. The Shin engraved. Limited edition of 1,000.

3/4" x 5"

About the Artist

Alicia’s classical training in architecture integrates her art with the decorative design of the living space. The years of drafting emerge in art forms of geometrical shapes, texture of materials and pure lines. She then sets these into decorative art for walls and murals, sculpture and home décor pieces as well as a complete line of Judaic Art. For commissioned work, the trick lies in knowing how to handle small and large scale formats.

Alicia’s artwork has been exhibited in: Venezuela, Japan, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and The United States. Plus it appears to this day in The White House, Denmark’s Permanent Collection Glass Museum, Juan Pablo II Cathedral, etc.