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  • Kramer - Family Sculptures


    The family of my thoughts is a haven where the lonely find their hug and good news doubles with each telling; Where Show and Tell comes without butterflies and laughter is clean; Where parents please their children and also please their parents and generosity comes back to you in many wonderful ways; Where the devout humbly serve those who still search and admiration makes obedience easier; Where "goodbye" means "see you soon," and seeing you - all of you, is forever...Richard Kramer

    Each of Boris' sculptures are hand formed, using methods of both modern and ancient blacksmithing.  No two pieces are alike. Sizes range for 10" to monumental.  

    We are only showing the 12 inch steel sculptures here but other sizes, number of children, and metals ((bronze, copper and multimetal) are available.  Special requests are welcome such as specific configurations of family or an addition to your existing family sculpture.  Please call for additional pricing.