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  • Nachshon - Nuka Pzura Menorah


    NUKA series merges double meaning to the Hanukkah menorah. 
    No more hiding on the shelves waining for several holiday days, Each one of the NUKA serie menorahs are a statue in itself, and was meant to be seen all year long.

    NUKA PZURA enables endless independent free compositions while keeping the connecting principle to the so important tradition. It echoes on the line between a game and a statue, while the direct contact with bear exposed material enables a unique experience with each and every element as well as with the whole sculpted experience.

    It gently questions the rules of the candle lighting ceremony.

    The item is delivered in a package that looks like a whole and complete rectangle volume that does not suggest the complexity that emerges in its three-dimentional appearence.

    After the initail opening it stays as a riddle - how will it become again the first orthogonal element?

    Handmade in Israel.  

    Material used is aluminum.