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  • Nachshon - Nuka Trio


    The Nuka series aspires to give a new meaning to the familiar Hanukkah lamp. Rather than being tucked in the cupboard, collecting dust all year, while waiting for Hannukka, each piece in the series is a sculpture to be enjoyed and exhibited throughout the entire year. Nuka Trio was designed as an everyday playful sculpture alongside its well known, traditional use. It comprises of three volumes, each of a specific weight and a distinguished surface finish. The volumes can assemble a solid mass, however, it is when they are freely set apart, that they conceals the idea of order in the relationship between them. The volumes suggest toy building blocks but this simple analogy obscures a more intricate relationship between the masses - their distinctively different tactility draws attention to the differences also in weight, touch polish and more.

    Handmade in Israel.  Materials used are steel, brass and aluminum.