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  • Stember - Round Wedding Shard Candle Holders


    These beautiful candle holders are a perfect gift for the newly married couple so they can place their own broken glass inside and remember that joyful moment under the chuppah, when the groom broke the glass and the guests all shouted "Mazel Tov".

    Here is an opportunity to create a family heirloom using their crushed shards.

    They stand 4.5" tall and 1.5" wide. The round tube is made from acrylic and the top and bottom out of pewter. They come with two sets of interchangeable inserts, one fits shabbos candles and another that will fit a standard tapered candle.

    Choose from a cup from Rosenthal Wedding Cup , Shardz Wedding Cup, Beames Groom's Cup or Silk Bijoux Grooms Cup.