Michael Bromberg

Michael Bromberg Shema Locket

Fine Judaic Jewelry


Born in the City of Odessa, Ukraine, Michael Bromberg earned his masters degree in mechanical engineering at the Odessa
University and worked as a production engineer in a machine plant for six years. But Michael was at heart an artist, and jewelry design and jewelry making were his passion. Sadly, in the former Soviet Union possession of precious metals in any but the smallest quantities was illegal. A designer could work for the government, producing approved traditional designs in a state jewelry plant, but to pursue his art independently would risk imprisonment.

After emigrating to the USA in 1989, Michael founded Danco Gallery, a jewelry design company with a retail jewelry store in Greenwich Village, New York City. There he was able to pursue his jewelry-designing career. For three years, he designed and hand-crafted one of a kind museum reproductions for such customers as H. Stern Jewelers and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In 1994 Michael designed his first collection of contemporary silver jewelry. The collection was so successful that he decided to sell the store and devote himself full time to the design and production of jewelry.