Nava Shoham


Ketubah Artist

 Nava served several years in the Israeli Air Force as a technical illustrator.
She graduated Graphic and art college, specializing in fine art and calligraphy.
Moving on to study fashion design at the high fashion institute “Shenkar” in the fashion
designing faculty, she developed a passion to illustrate themes from the fashion world, portraits with a unique and fresh approach to the subject, experimenting with
mixed media on paper, canvas, skins and more.
She started working as an art director at a major publishing house where she gained experience as a graphic designer illustrator and a printer lithographer, silk screen.
Her work included the full supervision of preparing the artwork for the final print, proofing and operating multiple software and systems.

Her first solo show at “Yad Le Banim” in Rishon Le Zion Israel, under the subject of The Ketubah Art, was honored by the mayor for the opening night and featured on national TV.

Since then Nava has been the recipient of many awards.

Her ketubah art is vibrant, meaningful and always different.  The ketubahs are available in a variety of sizes as well as a choice between paper and canvas.

We are also showing a few of her contemporary art pieces.